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We make high-end,
groundbreaking film.
Without compromise.
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We believe the world needs
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Reach for new heights.

How we see the world

In order to engage an audience nowadays we believe it is necessary to confront viewers with an uncanny cinematographic experience. Because it’s unlike they have ever seen before, because it is an unusual audiovisual experience or because it’s plainly odd. We follow our ambition to solely make high-end, groundbreaking film. With no respect for status quo.

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Meet the founders

In 2017 Exosphere Entertainment was founded by a team of creative fanatics that incorporate a wide variety of competencies. In film making, marketing, (copy) writing, photography and pure entrepreneurship. We met in a former professional context. Loved the same movies, laughed at the same jokes, but moreover, we found out we shared the same ambition. Our disparate skills and history appeared to strengthen each other to make the next high-end, groundbreaking film projects with major impact!

Entering our sphere.

Our precious network

Exosphere Entertainment works with a network consisting of outstanding professionals, all passionate about delivering high-end productions. Interested in entering our sphere of topnotch people? Contact us and convince us of your skills.

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Become an exospherian.

Job opportunities

We are always keen to meet energized, creative and fun people. And quite often we need an extra pair of hands. So, are you in for an extraordinary experience? Don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail!

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Exosphere Entertainment B.V.
Zeemansstraat 9
3016 CN Rotterdam
Ariane 40
3824 MB Amersfoort
+31 (0)6 4021 9003
We are located in the Netherlands

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If you have a (latent) need, come to us. We create a story from scratch and bring it to life. We dream, invent, write and produce. End-to-end.


If you already have a rough concept or idea, find out if we are willing to join. We enhance, cooperate, co-write and produce. Until completeness.


Every now and then we love to grab some ExoSpeed. If you are in dire straits, alarm us. We write and produce today, film tomorrow and edit through the night. Delivery by the end of the week.


If you need to be innovative, beam us up. Virtual and augmented reality, 360 film, time-lapse, 3D animations, high speed. You name it, we create it. No limits. Tell us your aspirations!


For high growth entrepreneurs that need more production value than they can afford, we may bet on ExoGuts. We create and get paid on result. No guts, no glory.